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Frequently asked questions

If possible, please use the remittance slip that we sent you with our request for payment. If you do not use the remittance slip, always quote the file number indicated on our letter with every payment – as well as in all correspondence.

If you cannot meet a payment deadline or payment date set by us, please contact us immediately – ideally via our contact form. Otherwise, further steps may be required, which will incur renewed costs.

You must notify us immediately in writing of any change of address or surname. Otherwise, we will have to initiate a chargeable address investigation, which you will have to pay for. You can inform us of your new contact details using the contact form. Important: Please also state the file number in this case!

A titled claim is a claim that has been legally established against you by a title. Such a title can be a judgment, a decision or an enforcement order. The title enables enforcement measures to be carried out.

If a title has been obtained over the claim, it is possible to seize the wages. However, there are statutory garnishment exemption limits. These stipulate that the portion of the wage required for a modest lifestyle remains unattachable.

Yes, according to §286 BGB, the consumer must reimburse the creditor for the damage caused by the default. This also applies to the costs incurred by using a company to recover the claim.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Please make all payments directly to Goldbach Financial.

If the date of the reminder is before the date of your deposit, your payment probably overlapped with our letter. In this case, you can assume that we have received your money and that it has been properly booked. If you want to be absolutely sure, describe your concern to us via our contact form.

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Do you have any questions about your claim or the payment process? We are happy to help you!


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